Weapon Free Venue Policy

This policy applies to all visitors, employees, and vendors within the venue (including event planners, attendees, exhibitors, and anyone performing work at the venue).

The Moscone Center prohibits the possession or use of deadly weapons in any of our venues or at any time while working for any events contracted at The Moscone Center.

A deadly weapon is any instrument or device designed primarily for use in inflicting death or injury to a human or animal or is capable of inflicting death or injury if used in the manner it was designed, including, but not limited to, large knives, over 4 inches long (with the exception of approved chef knives, exclusively used for food service preparation by qualified staff while employed at the venue), machetes, swords, spring-loaded knives, metal knuckles, batons. Such deadly weapons are not allowed on Moscone Center property, neither in a concealed or open-carried manner, and are not considered as “Necessary Tools”.

Tools that have been approved by General Service Contractors and have been deemed necessary for specific job duties (excluding any/all of the above mentioned items) will be allowed on Moscone Center property, provided that they are used in a safe and conscientious manner.

Live weapons or anything not covered above are addressed in the Armed Personnel page of this website. For additional information please contact Moscone Center Security