Facility Services

Moscone Facility Services Telecom Department is the exclusive telecommunications and internet provider for Moscone Center.  We offer one stop shopping with a single point of contact and a master bill for all your telephone, internet, networking, and wireless needs.  This saves time and money, while maximizing your connection speed and improving your service and support by providing all services in-house.


Telephone line orders include:

  • Voice/fax/data grade unrestricted analog telephone line
  • Touch-tone telephone instrument
  • Installation

Optional Services for direct-dial lines include: restricted calls for local or credit card machines, call waiting, voicemail, single-line phone sets, digital multi-line phone sets, speaker phones, and conference phones.


Moscone Facility Service has years of experience in the design and implementation of complex event networks, and understands how critical IT networking is to support your event and your attendees.  Our highly qualified staff works closely with event managers and sponsors to provide top-quality, cost-effective networks.


We also maintain three 10-Gigabit Ethernet circuits with redundant entrances into the campus.  These circuits are each from separate tier-1 providers.  This not only ensures the needed redundancy, but also allows more flexibility and greater capacity to meet the needs of even the most technologically demanding events.  These circuits are monitored 24/7 from the Moscone Center Network Operations Center.


Meeting Planners may forward all of their show management requirements to us (i.e. number of locations, number of devices connecting to the network, hub and cable requirements, etc.) and Moscone Facility Services will generate a quote based on your requirements.  We can also assist in building the list of requirements.  Please contact Moscone Center Facility Services Telecommunications Department at internet@moscone.com or (415) 974-4126.