Green City, Greener Events!

San Francisco has high expectations and strict requirements for large events to keep them as green as possible.  Nationally, The Moscone Center is a model of sustainability in a convention center setting.  Our goal is to significantly reduce each event's waste stream through collection and sorting of recyclables, compostables and donations. 

We welcome partnership in these efforts. Together we can make a difference for our environment!

Public areas must provide Compost, Recycling and Trash collection: San Francisco requires all large venues to provide color coded zero waste collection stations to separately collect recyclables, compostables and trash. Moscone Center offers attendees zero waste stations located by all public restrooms, escalators and in all corridors and lobbies.

Waste materials must remain separated: San Francisco’s Mandatory Recycling and Composting Ordinance requires properly separating recyclables and compostables using a color-coded system to divert them from the local landfill. See Sorting On-Site

Certified Compostable Serveware required: San Francisco requires the use of certified compostable serveware in all food takeaway food service.  Styrofoam cups, sleeves, or single use disposable plastic serveware are not permitted. Caterer SAVOR uses only compostable serveware. 

Polystyrene in Exhibit programs may not be disposed: San Francisco bans polystyrene foam / Styrofoam materials from being disposed in the building. All polystyrene materials brought into the building must be packed out. 

Single-use disposable plastic bags may not be distributed at meetings or in bookstores: San Francisco's Plastic Bag "Checkout Bag" Reduction Ordinance prohibits the distribution of any single-use plastic bags to reduce litter, waste, and contamination in recycling and composting programs.  Adherence will improve water quality in the San Francisco Bay and oceans by reducing pollution. See SF list of Checkout Bag Requirements and vendors

San Francisco's Food Service Waste Reduction Ordinance prohibits vendors from using Styrofoam or other polystyrene foam food serveware Accordingly, SAVOR uses only certified compostable serveware.  All serveware, including looks-like-plastic containers are certified compostable and should be disposed of in the greens bins. Ensure any food service ware your exhibitors purchase is certified compostable. See SF Approved list of Food Serveware Vendors.