As the preferred in-house audiovisual provider, Projection can provide turnkey audio, video, and media solutions that are custom tailored to your event.   We have a large inventory of audio, video and lighting equipment including LED displays, projectors, sound systems, and recording equipment.

Ceiling-Mounted Sound System

The Moscone Center has permanently installed sound systems in all levels at Moscone North, South and West.  These in-house sound systems are available for your use through Projection.


Projection’s Presentation Capture System makes the perfect complement for on demand hosting and webcast by synchronizing audio, video, and slide content into a professional looking video player (skin) that can include show/corporate logo, advertising, and other branding. This means you can showcase your content over multiple mediums and platforms.        

Overflow and Live Streaming

Projection keeps attendees satisfied and connected with your sessions, whether you run out of seating or the attendee is unable to attend your event.  Our infrastructure allows for easy overflow of video and audio content to any location in all three buildings. For live streaming we have the equipment on-site to broaden your reach and relevance anywhere around the globe with content-rich streaming in real time.     

Projection offers different live stream options based upon the number of users, whether the live stream will be a publicly available, and whether you wish to monetize the content. Other considerations involve whether you wish the live stream to be embedded on your own web site, or utilize a live streaming portal or a full event platform.


Presentation Management 

ProjectionNet®, our total presentation management solution, supports your presenters completely, giving them peace of mind knowing their presentation is safe and secure with redundant on-site delivery options. Presenters are able to preview and fine-tune their presentations in a central Speaker Ready Room. The presentations are stored on a central server and delivered through Moscone’s network infrastructure to a presentation machine in each session room, as well as being readily available to your presenters in their scheduled meeting rooms.

Pre-submission provides speakers an opportunity to submit their presentation to a private server, prior to the event. Many presenters find this a valuable option to ensure that a copy of their presentation is already available to them on-site.

Projection provides an automated, cross-platform pre-submission system that is accessible via a web browser. We support the major web browsers under Windows®, Macintosh®, Linux and Solaris®. There is no inherent file size limitation using our system. Additionally, our custom software offers a variety of reporting functions that allow us to track each presenter on-site.

Projection provides Preview Stations in the Speaker Ready Room that exactly match the specifications of the presentation machines. This ensures the speaker can be confident that their presentation will work properly once they have previewed it on one of our stations. A custom designed file management system speeds presenters through the process of submitting their presentations on site. 

Hybrid and Virtual Meeting Production

There is no “one size fits all” solution when it comes to designing and executing a virtual meeting. Much like in-person events, virtual events also require vision, creativity, planning, resourcefulness, and teamwork.  Projection can provide virtual event technology and support from design and planning all the way through execution. We work with you and your presenters to ensure high quality remote presentations whether live or pre-recorded.

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Digital Signage

The use of LED monitors in high traffic locations for welcome messaging, meeting announcements, visitor way finding, sponsor recognition, information sharing, or promotions offers many benefits. For use in front of a meeting room, display information can include session titles, program times, speaker names, news tickers, twitter feeds, or even display the live presentations currently running in the meeting room.

By utilizing a local area network (LAN), the digital signs can be controlled from a centralized location and specific programs can be created to control the signs automatically. On-demand overflow, live streaming, video programs, and other content sources are also possibilities with a network backbone in place. Additional stand-alone programming is available for individual signs.  Our Creative Design team can produce custom backgrounds as well as input the necessary content for the displays.

The use of digital signage offers on-site flexibility and eliminates the ever-growing financial and environmental costs of materials and production for single-use signage that will be discarded after the event.

Please contact us if you would like more information on how Projection can benefit your event.  Email us at   Call us at (415) 974-4077.