Exhibit Hall Floor Plan Requirements

Show Management shall submit all floor plans for final approval at least thirty (30) days prior to the event to events@moscone.com and/or to your Event Manager.  All floor plans shall indicate:


  • Show name, dates, times and General Service Contractor (Decorator).
  • Booth configurations drawn to scale; including all base and height
          dimensions and locations.
  • Aisle locations and dimensions:  
  •  A minimum 10' width between rows of booths at Moscone Center.
  •  Booths or displays are prohibited in any aisles or emergency access areas.
  •  Cross aisles shall be clearly marked on all floor plans.
  •  Halls ABC
    1. A minimum 10' wide perimeter aisle is required in Moscone South
    2. Front crossing aisle shall be a minimum of 20’
    3. Minimum of five (5) clear aisles from fire exits on south side to fire exits on
      north side – at least one aisle in each exhibit hall
    4. Minimum of one (1) clear cross aisle near the midpoint of the exhibit hall
    5. If airwalls are closed to create entrances all fire exits in the airwalls must
      be maintained.
  •  Halls DEF
    1. A minimum 10’ wide perimeter aisle is required.
    2. Minimum 20’ aisle from the entrance of Hall F to the concession stand.
    3. A minimum 10’ wide cross aisle running west from the lobby entrance of
      Hall E.
    4. A minimum 10’ aisle at the top and bottom of the stairs separating Halls
      D & Hall E.
    5. Two story booths are not permitted in areas where ceiling height is less
      than 24’.
  •  Moscone Center West
    1. A minimum 10’ wide perimeter aisle is required in Moscone West.
    2. When booths are located between the columns and the main entrance, while the side aisles may be 10’ wide, the center two aisles must be15’ wide

All Exhibit Halls:

  • The locations of concession areas or proposed temporary cafeterias.
  • Exits, aisles, fire and life safety devices (i.e. fire extinguishers, hose cabinets) locations and clearance dimensions.
  • Dimensions and locations of exhibit hall platforms, staging, sound/light mixers, stage lighting, scaffolds and speaker systems.
  • Dimensions and locations of any covered or two story booths.
  • Dimensions and locations of any gas-powered vehicles being exhibited.