EAC Rules and Requirements

Show Management is responsible for registering, badging, and managing EAC activities on-site.
EAC Check-in Locations

The designated EAC check-in location for all Moscone North and South events is the Moscone South employee entrance. The designated EAC entrance at Moscone West is on Minna Street.

EAC House Rules

Exhibitor appointed contractors are expected to work within their client’s booth spaces, and areas for on-site equipment storage must be pre-arranged with your event manager and approved by The Moscone Center’s Fire Marshal.

EAC Service Desk & Business Area: Moscone South Exit 17

Exit 17 in the South Hall serves as the designated point of operation for EACs on the South side of The Moscone Center. Exit 17 must be clean and vacant during all show hours. Show Management is advised to provide adequate space for EACs to conduct business on the show floor or service desk area for all locations where EACs will be providing services.

ASM Global reserves the right to reserve or revoke space for EAC check-in, storage, and operations.