Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Policy

Drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (“UAS"), Unmanned Aircraft ("UA"), Remotely Operated Aircraft ("ROA"), and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ("UAVs"), are all terms occasionally used to identify unmanned aircraft and are individually and collectively referred to in this Policy as "UAVs." Moscone Center Management (Operator) may permit the operation of UAVs inside and in close proximity to the Facility, provided that Licensee complies with the following terms and conditions, and guarantees that the following conditions are strictly adhered to:

General Conditions:

For the use of Drones/UAVs at The Moscone Center, Licensee must:


  • Provide a written, detailed description of the proposed UAV (including make, model number, and manufacturers guidelines), and the location, date, and time proposed for the UAV operation to the Operator;
  • Provide documentation satisfactory to Operator (in Operator's sole discretion) that the UAV operator has been trained and is qualified to operate the UAV.
  • Ensure compliance at all times with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and procedures issued by federal, state, and local governmental authorities or the operator of any airports or nearby sporting facilities, including without limitation the Federal Aviation Regulations (“FARs”) and any rules and regulations issued by the FAA or the TSA as amended, modified or supplemented from time to time.
  • Secure written approval from Operator before any UAV is operated in or near the Facility or in connection with Licensee's event.
  • Prior to use, Moscone Center Security must physically view the UAV to ensure it meets the weapons prohibition requirement.

In addition to the General Conditions set forth above, Licensee agrees and shall ensure that:

  • Attendees are advised that UAVs will be used during the event.
  • UAVs are prohibited from flying over populated areas.
  • UAVs are not flown in lobbies, meeting rooms, restaurants, or other common areas.
  • UAVs weigh less than 55 pounds.
  • UAVs carrying weapons are prohibited.
  • UAVs are prohibited from flying within 18” of any building structure including sprinklers.
  • UAVs fly only in the defined exhibit booth space as expressly approved by Operator in accordance with the General Conditions as set forth above.
  • Attendees are protected from UAVs with the use of netting, plastic, or other Operator-approved safety features.

Nothing in this Policy constitutes or shall be construed to constitute permission from the Operator to operate any UAV outside of the Facility, but Operator recognizes that UAV operation may take place at Licensee's event(s).   Therefore, in addition to the General Conditions set forth above, if a UAV is operated outside of the Facility, Licensee shall ensure that:

  • A valid Certificate of Waiver or Authorization (for public entities) or a Commercial Exemption or Special Airworthiness Certificate (for private entities) is secured from the Federal Aviation Administration and provided to the Operator together with a representation and warranty that such Exemption or Certificate is valid.
  • The UAV is operated less than 400 feet above ground, away from airports and air traffic, and within sight of the operator, and comply with any temporary airspace restrictions as may be in place.
  • Prior written approval is secured from the City and County of San Francisco and provided to the Operator.