Required Licenses, Permits, Certificates & Taxes for Contractors Working in The Moscone Center

All Contractors/Service Providers working in The Moscone Center must obtain and keep current all business licenses, certificates, and permits as may be required by Federal, State and local laws or regulations and shall pay all taxes required, including sales and use tax.


Prior to providing services within The Moscone Center, each Contractor must return to ASM one signed copy of the most recent edition of The Moscone Center User’s Guide indicating acceptance of these rules and regulations plus the following items:

  • City & County of San Francisco Business License;
  • Certificate of Insurance;
  • Additional Insured s Endorsement Form; and
  • C-10/C36 Contractors License(s), if applicable.


In addition, all Contractors/Service Providers shall at all times comply with:

  • Federal, State, and local laws
  • OSHA ordinances, rules, and regulations
  • Moscone Center rules and regulations


Failure to comply with the above-mentioned requirements will result in suspension or cancellation of the Contractor or Service Provider’s permission to work within The Moscone Center.