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Film / Video Crew Guidelines

Film-Video Crew Guidelines
A representative from IATSE Local 16 is required for any of the following activities* at Moscone Convention Center as well as all other venues in the City & County of San Francisco and Marin:

• Audio visual equipment set-up, operations, and removal
• Camera set-up, operations and removal, video device playback, recording or live broadcast
• Portable lighting/grip equipment
• Audio
• Props, sets or temporary studio

*The only exception to this is a legitimate TV station or news gathering organization with a self-sufficient (battery powered) camera and operator, and whose only intention is to gather film clips for a newscast. These individuals must carry valid press credentials and make arrangements with Show Management in advance of the event.

Further details:

• Any camera (consumer or pro) that records or live broadcasts an entire session talk will require a Local 16 operator. (5-Hr. minimum labor call). Includes battery operated cameras.
• Any camera patched into an audio system or wireless system or session recording (full or partial) will require a Local 16 operator (5-Hr. minimum labor call).
• Any plug-ins to AC (wall outlet) for camera and/or portable light will require Local 16 technician. (5-Hr. minimum labor call).
• If a camera crew plans to roam exhibit floors and meeting rooms all day for segment shooting, a Local 16 technician(s) is required (8-Hr. minimum labor call), unless they are press and have the appropriate credentials.
• If an authorized press crew wants to patch into an audio system or plug into wall, a Local 16 technician will be required (5-Hr. minimum labor call in breakout sessions or 8-Hr. minimum labor call in general sessions; if a press pool is not provided, labor may be required – please contact Local 16).
• If a broadcast, micro-wave, or satellite truck needs to run cable or fiber optics into the facility, a Local 16 technician will be required. (8-Hr. minimum labor call).
• Broadcast/Webcast fees will apply to:
o Any live streaming event that is open to general public.
o Any live streaming event that is introducing a product or service to sell.
o Live transmission broadcast such as TV.
o Video content that is sold commercially or is embedded on a website that includes advertising.
o On-demand “pay-per-view” tickets sold to attendees directly or through a registration portal.

• Negotiations can be made with IATSE Local 16 where special circumstances
exist. For example: typically fees may not apply to live streaming that is of non
profit nature and targeted to a limited audience. Please contact IATSE Local 16
to discuss directly. If a press pool is installed into a session room, credentialed
members of the press can plug into that for audio. Projection Presentation
Technology has this available for rental if needed.
• Projection Presentation Technology, in-house A/V provider at Moscone Center, can provide and bill for union technicians, cameras, lighting, recording, capture, etc. They are also available to provide current labor rates, which change each year based on the collective bargaining agreement with IATSE Local 16. Projection’s on-site office number is: (415) 974-4077.