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Moscone Center Honored With Statewide CRRA Award

Sacramento, CA - On August 9, the state's veteran recycling organization, the California Resource Recovery Association
(CRRA) awarded San Francisco's Moscone Center its 2016 award for Outstanding Practices in Venue/Event Resource Recovery. The award is given to a large event or venue serving over 2,000 people/day, for excellence in implementing waste reduction, recycling and organics programs, innovative source reduction programs, recovering over 90% of event discards, and/or other programs that demonstrate best practices in event or venue resource management.

CRRA annually honors successes achieved by colleagues in the industry who are “going above and beyond” in efforts to prevent waste, reuse materials, recycle, compost, buy recycled and build “green.”
It is CRRA’s intent to praise outstanding achievers in California, publicize their successes and share successful efforts throughout the state. In 2012, Moscone North and South attained LEED Gold EB: O+M certification. Moscone Center was certified under the International APEX/ASTM Environmentally Sustainable Event Standard for Meeting Venues in 2014. Seven million pounds of materials have been diverted from landfill over the last three years alone.

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