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Size and Stats

How many people visit the facility?

In 2016-17, over a million attendees or exhibitors registered or were ticketed for an event.

How big is The Moscone Center?

The Moscone Center (Moscone North, South and West) consists of more than two million square feet of building area, including over 700,000 square of exhibit space, up to 106 meeting rooms, and nearly 123,000 square feet of prefunction lobbies.

Moscone West covers the better portion of one city block and rises to three levels, 110 feet, above street level. Moscone West is a freestanding building.

How big is the exhibit hall floorspace?

The Moscone Center has six primary exhibit halls. Halls A, B, and C are in Moscone South with a total of 260,560 square feet. Halls D and E are in Moscone North with a total of 181,400 square feet. Moscone West offers 99,916 square feet of dedicated exhibit space on Level 1, with an additional 199,432 square feet of flexible swing space on Levels 2 and 3.

What is the largest contiguous exhibit space and largest column-free space?

That would be the exhibit space in Moscone South. Moscone South's Halls A, B and C when combined into a single exhibit space measure 260,560 square feet. Following the completion of a capital expansion to Moscone North & South, on schedule to complete by the end of 2018, the largest contiguous space will be Halls ABCDEF, measuring 504,914 square feet and the largest column-free space Halls ABC will measure 250,850 square feet.

How much meeting room space is there?

Moscone West has 38 meeting rooms and over 176,690 square feet of meeting room space. Moscone North & South's capital expansion is on schedule to complete by the end of 2018. For a current list of available spaces, visit our Floorplans section.