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Frequently Asked

When was the convention center named?

On December 8, 1978 the Board of Supervisors and Mayor Diane Feinstein declared that the convention center be named after George R. Moscone as a fit and proper memorial to the memory of the late Mayor. The resolution also recognized that George Moscone had throughout the term of his office been a proponent for the construction and operation by the City and County of San Francisco of a convention center to be located within Yerba Buena Center Redevelopment Project Area and had a continued interest in completing the construction of the convention center.

When was Moscone built?

Moscone South opened in1981; Moscone North opened in 1992; Moscone West opened in 2003.

What is your annual attendance?

In fiscal year 2015-2016, the number of attendees or exhibitors registered or ticketed for an event in Moscone North and South was 790,617; for West it was 559,100. More>

Do I need a permit to film a commercial nearby?

Yes. If you film on property, you will need to first book the event like any event and our Sales Team can help you.