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Convention Television FAQ

Is CTV-d a new company, whom have you worked with, does it really work?

CTV-d is celebrating its 10th year in business in 2013! From concept to reality, we have worked with the best and the brightest early adaptors across the country.

Our best spokespersons are our client/partners from a cross sections of the Meetings Conventions and Incentives industry, here's what they have to say:

Who benefits from utilizing CTV-d?

Whether you are a major city wide, or a single property meeting, the need to communicate with your attendee's, and support you exhibitors has never been greater. CTV-d becomes your branded, primary communications tool during your meetings, and can serve a vital role in pre-con, and post-con as well. Our popular "Daily Message From The President" is an ideal way to reach out to attendee's initially to welcome and greet attendees', and in subsequent days, address the important issues of the day! Each segment has new age sponsorship opportunities designed to support the organization, while making available a new level of high profile sponsorship opportunities.

Where is the program seen?

The simple answer?


We've enjoyed strategic relationships with major Moscone hotel parters for many years, with content distribution to each and every designated convention hotel room. In addition, your content may be repurposed and streamed, and accessed to all smart device platforms such as iPads, iPhones, Androids, etc. Your programming may also be integrated into your all important Social Media infrastructure.

Do you have a Revenue Sharing Program?

CTV-d's "Recapture & Revenue" Program is designed to liquidate your production costs, and to bring significant revenue to the table for our clients. Ask your representative about the creative ways we are able to generate revenue through this innovative program.

Is creating this production going to tax our already overworked staff?

In a word...No!

Whether your program is just a simple Daily Message From Your President, or a more elaborate production, we've got you covered! (Remember, you may also integrate your existing video packages into your programing.)

We know you're busy, and in building CTV-d we understood early on that it was critical to provide a strong support team of producers each step of the way. An Account Executive and a Video Producer are assigned to guide your through the process, and to do "all the heavy lifting" in creating your production. Note: see CTV testimonials above.

How is production handled?

CTV-d is a fully San Francisco Union compliant company, with respect to the rules and regulations of The Moscone Center, and its various venues.

CTV-d is able to film on property, and also has a designated full service, digital green screen production facility only blocks away from the Center for in depth interviews, newscasts, and more.

All production created for your show becomes your property, and may be repurposed to your web site, used as part of a highlight package for future marketing purposes, and more.

How do we start?

Its' easy! Give us a call at 808-371-3535, or email Executive Producer, Mark Jensen, and we will sent you an introductory package, with examples of various production options you have, production calendars, and more.

Once we've determined the very best pairing of content and distribution platforms, we will work with you to maximize your financial return on this unique and powerful investment.

BREAKING NEWS! Ask about our newly arrived sensation, the Social Media Photo Kiosks now available for hotel lobby, Moscone common area, and Exhibitor use! For more information, see our website at: