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Theatrical / Lighting / Rigging FAQ

What kind of packages do you have?

We have truss, motors, drape and lighting packages.

Can you Pre-rig or Pre-stage our show?

Theatrical Services can prerig or prestage their equipment for your show. This can make the difference when trying to build a show efficiently.

Is there a charge to use the House Lighting System?


Do you handle Payroll?

Theatrical Service can Payroll your Stagehand and Teamster needs.

May I payroll the Stagehands directly?

You may payroll your crew if you meet the criteria setup by IATSE Local #16. Should you not meet these criteria of if you want us to provide payroll services we can do this for you.

What choices do I have to staff a theatrical setup?

You may bring or supply supervisory staff, the setting, operation and striking of Stage, A/V, Computer and Broadcast equipment is done by your IATSE crew. We can assist you by reviewing your plans and crew levels to help insure proper levels and efficiency.

The House Head is appointed by the facility to help assist you and the IATSE crews to install, operate and strike your General Session. The Facility may appoint an additional House Head to multiple Breakout Sessions, Themed Parties, or events that require rigging, or advanced staging.

How can I contact I.A.T.S.E. Local 16 directly?

You may call (415) 441-6400 for contract and payroll information. Their Fax number is (415) 243-0179.