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Phone FAQ

Are the prices listed on your order form per day?

No, prices listed are for the duration of the show and includes labor.

Do the prices on your order form include labor?

Yes - the total for phone services includes labor and telephone instruments. (Does not include FAX Machine and Polycom Conference Phones)

Do you provide telephone instruments?

Yes - the total for phone services includes labor and telephone instruments.

What if I only want a line and not the telephone instrument?

Prices include labor and will remain the same with or without a telephone instrument.

Do you provide FAX machines?


What do I need to order if I need a FAX machine?

You need to order a Single Line Telephone. We will install the line and you can plug the line into your FAX machine.

Do you have Polycom Phones available?

Yes, you need to order one Single Line Telephone and will be charged an additional $200.00 for the Polycom Phone rental. Please write "Polycom $200.00" on the order form.

Will I be charged for Local calls?

Yes, this is NOT a residential line. All telephone lines at the Moscone Center are Business lines.

Will I be charged if I call an 800 number?


Where can I pick up my telephone?

In most cases, telephone will be delivered to your booth or room. However, if you do not see your telephone or line in your booth, it is your responsibility to contact the Service Desk at 415-978-3401, or call, 415-974-4054 or 415-974-4080 to request phone delivery. Telephone and Internet lines are sometimes hard to find as they are under carpets and/or in corners.

Can I receive a discount if I order a phone line during the show?

No, if you order a phone line during the event, you will be charged the Standard Rate for the telephone line. Our prices are per event, not per day.

Where is the Service Desk during move-in of the show?

The Service Desk is usually located next to the Decorator's Desk and varies from show to show