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Audio Visual / Sound FAQ

Can I get an estimate of AV equipment and services for my show?

Yes, please send us your Request for Proposal.

How much will sound cost for my general session?

This really depends on what equipment is rented and for how long it requires operation. We will need to know your specific needs to tailor a package that fits your needs and your budget. We have large scale portable PA systems on site as well as our in-house ceiling mounted systems. Please send us a Request for Quote.

Can my AV supplier plug into your equipment, your sound system, or your patch lines?

No. We provide all in house sound systems and routing exclusively. Please contact Projection directly for a quote.

What are the local union jurisdictions for A/V services?

This is a union house and union labor is required for all audio/visual services.

Do other AV companies need to use union labor as well?

Yes, any AV company operating in the facilty must comply with the same requirement.

Why should I use ProJection?

Projection is the in house recommended AV vendor for the Moscone Center and has been a valued partner with the facility for over 30 years. Projection's complete inventory is housed and maintained at the facility, so you will not be charged for any trucking or drayage for any equipment within our inventory. We have a large inventory of audio, video, computer and display equipment and well as specialty equipment for media distribution and management, audience engagement and much more. Projection provides competitive pricing along with an extremely knowledgeable staff and back-up equipment. We are a one-stop shop for all of your audiovisual and media management needs.

What other services does the in house AV vendor provide?

Projection has many value added services available in house to compliment your meeting or convention. The services include Digital Signage, Presentation Management, Conference Recording, Live Streaming and Creative Design. For more details please call us at (415) 974-4077, or send email to .

Can I bring in my own videographer or video camera?

Yes, but you will need to hire a union technician to set-up and operate camera, or hire a union technician to "shadow" your videographer. Arrangements for union labor can be made through Projection. Please contact Projection for additional information or to place an order for a technician.