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Convention Television

Congratulations on selecting Moscone Center for your upcoming meeting! Not only will you enjoy the world-class amenities of the Center during your meeting, but your organization can also be part of the Convention Television Digital's "Local to Global" Convention coverage! This cutting-edge communications experience is personalized for your event only - and then (narrowcast) to all of your citywide hotel rooms as well as across multiple communication platforms including smart phones (iPhone and Android), tablets, streaming online, touch-screen photo kiosks as well as Social Media (including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare), should you choose.

Convention Television Digital (CTV-d) was created specifically to offer innovative and interactive business programming solutions for their meetings and conventions guests. CTV-d has a proud history with high-level clients including the National Association of Realtors, PCMA, American Association of Orthodontists and many, many more. CTV-d has also expanded its core product line to include single property meetings and incentives in partnerships with the Hilton, Starwood and Marriott properties.

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Services to Benefit Your Organization:

  • Do you have plans to use available hotel channels in the city? CTV-d is available to provide customized programming to augment your corporate video and content effectively increasing your production content value with additions such as:
  • An Interview/Greeting from your President or key marketing representative; all shot in high definition and "serialized' over each day;
  • Interviews with your regional Salesperson(s) of the Year;
  • Exhibitor Ads and/or interviews, providing an opportunity for exhibitors to reach out beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar of the building;
  • Keynote Speaker or Session Coverage may now be integrated into your show each day; and
  • San Francisco "Sense of Place" short video segments and images.
  • Have you not planned on using available hotel channels in the city? Let's start by securing channel access in each of your designated hotel properties and then create your own branded in-house television channel with an unlimited array of possibilities to fit your budget! The result is interaction and participation with your attendees, a feeling of community, while you maximize your business message and branding and build event excitement with the options listed above along with your own creative ideas!

Note: All content created will belong to your organization with full license to use for any future purpose you may desire.

Also, ask us how we can assist you in creating sponsorships and advertising programs to liquidate all your programming expenses and even generate revenue for your group.

For further information, please contact Mark Jensen at Mark@ctvnational.com or call 808-371-3535.

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