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Theatrical / Lighting / Rigging

SMG's Theatrical Services staff can turn ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Creativity ... technical skill ... and cost effectiveness: three of the ways in which Theatrical Services can make the crucial difference in producing a successful event at the Moscone Center.

Our seasoned in-house technical and creative staff bring a broad range of event production skills to the planning and staging process. From tennis matches to trade shows and from opera to rock & roll, Theatrical Services will take your event from conception to completion, including design, management, equipment and construction.

SMG's Theatrical Services department offers expertise in a wide range of areas. From creating an elegant and lavish atmosphere to the basic stage set up, Theatrical Services can efficiently and effectively design, install and operate your event. We have professionals on hand to help with all aspects of your theatrical production.


The correct lighting makes your event stand out. From the conventional static lighting to the high tech style of moving lights, Theatrical Services can create the look you need. Already have something in mind? Allow us to make your vision a reality. Our staff keeps up-to-date with the most current theatrical lighting technology.


Rigging your event is a careful precise process. Our in-house rigging department can assist you starting from the planning stages. Our inventory of rigging equipment allows us to help events with their rigging needs. Truss and Motors are only the beginning, selecting the right way to install your rig is key to a safe and successful event.


Finding just the right look for your event is as important as the content of the program. Theatrical Services can assist in making that look as unique or as traditional as you need. Hard wall set or maybe just some draperies. Let us help from design to completion.

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