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Useful ideas for Networking

This page is intended to assist meeting and event planners in maximizing their attendees experience using our onsite digital technology. One of the most effective ways to connect your attendees to information is by creating onsite networks.

Moscone Telecommunications suggests some popular ideas for putting computer networks to work for you during your next event with us.

Control registration.

Create a private network connecting your lobby registration in Moscone Center to your show office on an entirely different floor. Monitor and control information in various registration locations from one central spot that is the most convenient to your busy staff.

Be everywhere at once.

Connect all onsite show office locations in Moscone Center so that your staff can monitor progress as your even unfolds in Moscone North, South and West.

Get what you need quickly and privately from the home office.

Connect your onsite show offices with your offsite headquarters through a special Virtual Private Network that we can create for your.

Exhibit hall broadcasting.

Broadcast onto the tradeshow floor a product demonstration that is taking place at your headquarters hotel or at a meeting room in another area of Moscone Center. Moscone Telecomm can link the San Francisco Mariott Hotel to our tradeshow floor with broadcast quality connection.  This service is available to both meeting planners and exhibitors.

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