Facility Services. Frequently Asked.


Welcome to the Telecommunications Department. We handle all requests for telephone line orders, Direct Internet, Private Connect Internet, LAN (Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and cable line installation.

We offer "one stop shopping" with one point of contact and only one bill for all your telephone, internet, intranet and video conference needs.

We'll save you time and money, while maximizing your connection speed and increasing your service and support, by providing all services in-house.

Telephone line orders includes a voice/fax/data grade, unrestricted phone service, a touch-tone line connector cord and dial tone as well as a telephone instrument. Optional Services for Direct Dial Lines include, restricted calls for local/credit card machines only, call waiting, voice mail, single line phone sets, multi-line phone sets, speaker phones, and conference phones.

You can also link your homepage to our Event Calendar. For online orders, go to order forms and look under Special Web Services. If you would prefer to print and fax an order form, download our PDF form.

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Facility Services
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