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Management and Operating Data

ASM Global has managed The Moscone Center since the opening of Moscone South in 1981. From the beginning we have had a clear mission in achieving the City's goals -- the maximization of hotel occupancy and the consequent attraction of visitor dollars to the San Francisco economy.

The Utilization and Attendance summary for the Moscone Center, including Moscone North, South and West is available for the current year. If you would like more information, please email your request to Naina Ayya, Communications Manager at


Please note that attendance reflects the number of attendees who registered or purchased a ticket for an event.

Occupancy: Moscone North and South

For Moscone North and South, use day occupancy is calculated for 10 major areas.

Occupancy: Moscone West

For Moscone West, use day occupancy is calculated for 3 major areas. There are potentially 1,095 event and use days annually.