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Welcome. We aim to make your experience at The Moscone Center memorable and worthwhile. Here is some general information that might be helpful.


If you have time, you can explore one of San Francisco's most exciting neighborhoods, get ideas for things to see and do, or stretch your legs right here on site and enjoy a change of pace at our urban oasis, Yerba Buena Gardens atop Moscone North and South. For a visitor's packet, contact the San Francisco Visitor's Center.


It is our intent that you find The Moscone Center a fully accessible place. If you require a wheelchair during your visit, please contact us directly and we will recommend a mobility device rental company that you may directly rent a vehicle from. We do provide pickup and drop off areas in our driveway for wheelchair users and their equipment providers. If you need assistive listening devices, please notify the sponsor for the event you are attending. You can find this in our events calendar section. We will work with the event's sponsoring organization to meet your needs.

What to do in an Emergency


Moscone's Security Department monitors the building and its perimeter 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you would like to report a concern during an event, please advise your show office or show information desk first. Security at Moscone Center events is provided by private security companies hired by event sponsors. Our building security works in partnership with the private security. In the case of an emergency, please pick up a white house phone and dial "511".


In the event of an emergency The Moscone Center shifts into its emergency management mode. Facility staff are trained for most emergency situations. Your cooperation is also vital to successful emergency abatement:

  1. Listen to the directions announced on the public address system.
  2. For fire, the whoop tone alarm and strobe lights will activate; and if there is smoke, sprinklers will activate; emergency fires doors will also close. For a power outage, the emergency generators will activate.
  3. Please take the stairs. Do not use elevators or the escalators. The elevator will be used for people in wheelchairs.
  4. Once outside of the facility, please relocate to an assembly area as directed by Moscone Center staff.
  5. Be aware of emergency vehicles converging on the facility.


The Moscone Center is designed and constructed to withstand large earthquakes. The Moscone South building is also a designated mass care facility for the surrounding neighborhood. Please do not leave the facility in the event of an earthquake unless it is absolutely necessary or unless you have been instructed to do so. Earthquake procedures:

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Seek protection from falling objects. Temporary refuge may be found in door jambs and under sturdy furniture.
  3. Do not stand near windows or glass.
  4. Listen for instructions via the public address system.