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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Moscone have WiFi?

Yes, all lobbies and other common areas have granular WiFi which you can purchase online or at the Business Center in time slots of one hour or one day (24 hours).

What is the closest hotel?

Incredibly, there are over 20,000 hotel rooms within walking distance of The Moscone Center. To search hotels in the area, click here.

Can I rent a room at Moscone Center?

No. However if you are an exhibitor or an attendee onsite, you may check with the show office about availability for meeting space during their show. Otherwise contact the event's sponsoring organization to find out about room availability.

How do I rent a wheelchair?

If you need a wheelchair while attanding an event, please contact the event’s sponsoring organization and let them know. The center does not have an inventory of wheelchairs, but we can let the event sponsor know of available vendors in the area. We do provide designated area for handicapped pickup and dropoff in our busy driveway during events.

Where can I get a building map with room numbers? Nurse's office?

Check out our maps.

Where can I get copies made?

At the Business Center.

Is there parking near the facility?

Yes. Click here for more information.