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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules if a vehicle, such as a car or a tractor, is on display in the building?

If a vehicle is part of an exhibit or display, such vehicles must conform to State and City fire codes as they pertain to fuel tanks and battery connections. Detailed requirements can be found in the "Public Safety and Fire Management Plan" by clicking on "Guidelines" and selecting either "Meeting Planners' Handbook". Unless they represent an integral part of an exhibit or display, vehicles may not remain parked in the exhibit halls.

What are the rules governing an open flame such as an in-booth cookstove?

Any open flame requires a special permit through the facility's Fire Marshal, and must be applied for in writing at least 30 days before the event's first move-in day. See the instructions above for accessing the "Public Safety and Fire Management Plan."

Can exhibitors display or distribute food samples on the show floor?

Yes, under most circumstances. But there are specific rules relating to sample size, health permit requirements, and related topics. Contact the Food & Beverage Sales Manager for your event here at Savor SMG.

What is the jumbo video screen hanging on Moscone West's exterior?

Gliding slowly across the glass and steel façade of Moscone West is a uniquely mobile work of art. Facsimile was commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission and funded through the City's Percent for Art ordinance. It is one of two works of public art installed at the city's newest convention facility.

How do I get my show advertised on banners on the City poles along the sidewalk on Howard Street, for example?

Contact the San Francisco Travel Association and ask about their convention banner program.

Can I get signage for my show displayed in the park located atop Moscone North?

Exterior building signage is discouraged on all buildings in the Yerba Buena Gardens. For more information, contact the gardens property managers, MJM Management.

How do I use a PDF/EPS file as a graphic in my brochure?

Most layout applications allow you to import / place PDF and EPS files in your brochure without much fuss. For more technical information, see below.

Can I open a PDF/EPS file in programs like QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator or Vectorworks?

Absolutely! Adobe Illustrator versions 10 and up allow you to open both formats like any other image file. InDesign and Quark also treat them like any other image file, allowing you to pull them in using File > Place. VectorWorks allows you to import them using File > Import > Import Image File. For technical support specific to these applications, please refer to the application support offered by the manufacturers: