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Catering FAQ

I'm ordering (an espresso machine coffee/water kit/cookie oven) for my booth, what electrical is needed, and who do I talk to for electricity?

Happily, all the above catering items only require a simple 20A/110V circuit, with a regular outlet. However, there is no power on the exhibit floor unless ordered from your booth coordinator, so please request an outlet from the show decorator.

Is a table needed in the booth to accommodate the catering services? Who do I talk with to order the table?

If your booth does not have counter space available, you may need to order a table from the booth decorator. Unfortunately inside booths, Savor SMG is unable to provide tables, as they need to be requested from the show's decorator.

May we bring in our own food and beverage booth give-aways? i.e. espresso, candy bars, bottled water? May we provide our own (coffee / espresso machine / cookies / chefs)? What is SMG's F&B exclusivity policy?

Savor SMG is pleased to be able to work with all requests, but unfortunately, no outside food or beverage is allowed within the Moscone Center. Savor SMG is the exclusive provider of all food and beverage for the Moscone Center and our liability insurance is very strict and only allows for original manufacturers / producers to distribute food items (including bottled water). Your Catering Sales Manager is happy to work with you to assist with any special requests.

Where is the booth catering order form? What information do you need from me?

Quite a bit of catering information can be found at

Can we get our billing right away? When can I have my final invoice?

Of course, billing invoices are automatically mailed out to the address of record three working days after the show closes. If other billing information is needed beforehand, please feel free to call Savor SMG at (415) 974-4040.