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Audio Visual / Sound FAQ

Can I get an estimate for AV for my show?

Yes, please send us your Request for Estimate.

How much will sound cost for my general session?

This really depends on what equipment is rented and for how long it requires operation. We will need to know your specific needs to tailor your AV service so it fits your needs and your budget. Please send us a Request for Estimate.

What are the rules or policies governing union labor?

This is a union house and union labor is required for all audio/visual services.

Do other AV companies need to use union labor as well?

Yes, any AV company operating in the facilty must comply with the same requirement.

Can my AV vendor plug into your equipment, your system, or your lines?

No. We provide all in house sound systems exclusively.

Why should I use Projection as my exclusive AV vendor versus another vendor?

Projection is the in-house AV vendor for the Moscone Center. Projection has been partners with these facilties for over 10 years and we know each building as if it was our own house. All of our equipment is housed and maintained at both properties so there are no trucking or drayage charges for the AV Equipment. Projection provides competitive pricing along with an extremely knowledgeable staff and back-up equipment. If you use Projection as your exclusive AV supplier, you will be provided one complimentary hardwired microphone per room, per day.

Can I pay by check?

Yes, by company check, or VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card on file from you before we can accept the check.

Can we be direct billed?

For balances under $1,500 pre-payment is required either by company check or credit card is required. For balances exceeding $1500, we require a 50% deposit prior to the show, payable by company check or credit card. Direct billing can be established by credit approval from Projection's corporate office.

Can I get an invoice as soon as I place this order?

No. We like to wait until the show is finished before billing you. This way we can bill you once for all of the charges you have incurred during the event. We are able to provide clients with a work order/cost estimate once the specs are received.

When will we receive our invoice?

For balanced exceeding $1,500, you should receive the bill in the mail within ten business days of show close.